The Kozasko Aesthetic

Global vision, Indian precision.

Kozasko celebrates individuality. We’re ambitious, we’re obsessed with details, and we’re here to blend traditional craftsmanship with timeless, sophisticated designs to create premium leather shoes that match your very own unique sense of style. 

Tough, dependable and yet elegant, our shoes will keep you looking sharp all day every day, without compromising on comfort. 

Crafting shoes is an art, and at Kazasko, we only create masterpieces.

The Finest Leather

Every pair of Kozasko shoes is handcrafted exclusively using full grain leather, oil pull up, NDM & Imported suede leather. Raw, tough and extremely durable, full grain leather is leather in its most authentic and luxurious form. The best part? Full grain leather beautifies with time, so the more you wear it, the better it looks.

We use the finest quality leather, complete with its natural imperfections and flaws to create effortlessly stylish, exquisitely comfortable and extremely breathable shoes that you will never want to take off!

Revolutionary Craftsmanship

All Kozasko shoes are handmade by highly-skilled craftsmen using two of the most high-end construction methods:

  • Goodyear Welt - If you step into a pair of Kozasko shoes and instantly feel on cloud nine, then thank this traditional construction method that was developed over a hundred years ago!

    Though time-consuming and difficult to master, the Goodyear Welt is what separates heritage footwear from the ordinary. This method adds an extra strip of leather between the upper and the outer sole of the shoe. The result is a shoe that is waterproof, durable and so timeless you’ll never want to wear anything else! Step into luxury here.

  • Blake-Stitched - We never compromise on quality, which is why instead of opting for the fast and quick cement construction, which just glues the upper and the outer sole together, we opt for the sturdy blake-stitched construction. Along with adhesives, this method also uses a single row of stitching. Although blake-stitch has fewer layers than a goodyear welt, it is more flexible.

    If you love slim, elegant shoes that do not compromise on either style or comfort, then look no farther than those with blake-stitch construction! Find your perfect fit here.

Dapper Details

At Kozasko, we won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves, which is why every single one of our shoes is produced in such a way that the natural versatility and durability of the leather is maintained. Be it a stitch, a seam or a cut, every detail is painstakingly taken care of to create the perfect fit, just for you.

You don’t just step into a pair of Kozasko shoes: you step into a sense of style that is irresistibly yours.


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